The Wyoming Taxpayers Association represents our members at the State Capitol before Wyoming's elected and appointed officials.  We proactively for advocate sound tax policy and legislation, helping create a healthy Wyoming economy.  The Association does not have a political action committee nor does it endorse candidates for elected offices.

We provide objective, straightforward analysis and commentary on tax and fiscal issues regardless of the source of the inquiry.  We are hard at work for our members by offering the following services:

  • Tracking and summarizing bills during the legislative process.
  • Drafting talking points in support of or in opposition to bills as measured against the Cornerstones of Taxation and exemption criteria.
  • Sending weekly summaries of committee actions and bill status.
  • Providing analysis of the biennial budget and revenue forecast.
  • Notification of significant budget amendments.
  • Hosting weekly WTA Policy meetings during legislative sessions.
  • Engaging legislators with our Toast & Taxes breakfasts to discuss current bills and topics.

200 East 8th Ave, Suite 203, Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone 307.635.8761 Fax 307.637.7556
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