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The Wyoming Taxpayers Association (WTA) is the only statewide organization focused exclusively on promoting a fair, equitable, and competitive tax environment for the citizens and businesses of Wyoming. Our mission is to serve our members by advocating sound tax policy for a healthy Wyoming economy. Since 1937, WTA has been at the forefront of nonpartisan tax policy research, education and advocacy in the state.

Who Belongs to the Wyoming Taxpayers Association?

WTA represents a broad spectrum of taxpayers in Wyoming – small and large companies, manufacturers, farmers and ranchers, financial institutions, accounting and law firms, county and city government entities, extractive industries, and of course, the individual taxpayer.

What members are saying about WTA!

"Having served on the Revenue Committee of the Wyoming House of Representatives for six years, two of them as chairman, I found myself utilizing the opinions and information from the Wyoming Taxpayers Association to be invaluable as a resource necessary to develop informed and balanced decisions.

I now find myself, several years later, still referring to literature and statistics from WTA in my own business. My company's membership in Wyoming Taxpayers Association is one valuable investment as it receives more than it pays, year upon year. It is more than a smart thing; it is an essential thing for my company to do."
- Roy Cohee, former Speaker of the Wyoming House of Representatives and owner, C&Y Transportation

"As a Wyoming public finance business we have used the Wyoming Property Taxation Report for over 20 years. The report provides an outstanding summary of the impact of property taxation in each Wyoming County with an excellent easy to follow format. The Wyoming Taxpayers Association has been providing the facts concerning state and local taxation in Wyoming to our legislature, business community and taxpayers since the inception of the organization. The WTA has always been a strong advocate for fair and balanced taxation. We are pleased to a long term member of the organization."
- Dan Baxter, Kaiser and Company Financial Services

"The WTA brings a vital, but uncommon, perspective to tax policy… objectivity… which is best represented by the Cornerstones of Taxation and is demonstrated by the influence the WTA has with policymakers at the local, state and federal level. A primary goal of the WTA is to help bring about the most fair and equitable tax structure to Wyoming while functioning as a "think tank" to help guide tax policy. The WTA represents all taxpayers; private individuals, small business and large corporations, and that diversity is reflected in our Board and membership. WTA membership is, therefore, not just an investment in molding the present, but building the future of Wyoming… and I feel honored to contribute to that process."
- Mike Moser, Wyoming State Liquor Association

"Having been in the Legislature for quite some time, I find the Wyoming Taxpayers' Association to be a
valuable source of information on revenue and taxation issues. WTA is a quick and dependable source of facts when dealing with complex issues that can have great effect on Wyoming's economy. WTA has been very helpful in getting accurate information out to the public as well."
- Senator Jim Anderson, Former President, Wyoming Senate

"As the Supervisor of Multistate Tax, my responsibilities include the analysis and implementation of all legislation relating to taxation issues. WTA continually provides valuable insight and understanding to both legislators and taxpayers alike regarding all issues throughout the entire legislative process. The WTA Tax Policy Forums provide unique opportunities to increase knowledge and understanding on issues within the Cornerstones of Taxation framework. Thank you WTA!"
- Don Boehm, Basin Electric Power Cooperative

WTA membership is a wise investment!

It is only with your support through membership are we able to influence state and local tax policy. WTA keeps members informed of critical issues by means of:

  • Our quarterly newsletter, The Voice (electronic)
  • Electronic Action Alerts, including weekly legislative updates
  • for statistics on Wyoming tax issues & resources, and you can find us on Facebook & Twitter
  • The most experienced and respected Staff working for your company.

Similarly, WTA provides members with the most current Wyoming tax information via our publications:

  • Wyoming Property Taxation – a county-by-county review of state property taxes
  • Wyoming Tax Summary – your guide to Wyoming state and local taxes
  • How Wyoming Compares- a comparison of Wyoming taxation to our neighboring states


Based on Net Sales
Up to $100,000 $200
$100,000 to $1M $500
$1M to $10M $800
$10M+ $1,000
Based on Net Deposits
Up to $100M $200
$100M to $250M $500
$250M - $500M $800
$500M+ $1,000
Minimum of $1,600 and Max of $12,500. Formula is as follows: $52.5 per $1M of the most current year state assessed valuation for the first $100M of taxable value, $26.25 per $1M of valuation above $100M.

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