A Twenty-Year Review of Wyoming Tax Reform 2000 Forum

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Wyoming Demographics & Expenditures
WTA 20 Year Review

Wyoming Tax Reform 2000

Preliminary Report, Executive Summary and Final Report

Part I - Introduction

Enrolled Act No. 56, Senate - Statute that formed the Tax Reform 2000 Committee
Tax reform 2000 Committee Membership
Tax reform 2000 Meeting Dates and Locations
Tax Reform 2000 Financial Report
Criteria Established by the Committee
Revenues Sources of Wyoming Governments
Public Input

Part II - Analysis of Wyoming's Current Tax Statutes

Ad Valorem (Property) Tax
Mineral Taxes
Sales and Use Taxes
Gasoline and Diesel Taxes
Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes
Liquor Taxes
Corporate Franchise Tax
Insurance Premium Tax
Estate Tax

Part III - Problems with Wyoming's Current Tax Structure

Lack of Equity
Lack of Stability and Balance
Low Tax Burden of Wyoming Households
Economic Impact
PWMTF Funding
Residential Market Values
Inadequate Funding for Future Revenue Needs
Local Government Funding
Impact of Internet and Catalog Sales on Wyoming Revenue Sources

Part IV - Committee Recommendations

Excise Tax Increases
Broadening of the State Sales and Use Taxes
Rail Mile Tax
Real Estate Transfer Tax
State Income Tax
Other Revenue Options
Expenditure Study
Property Tax Exemptions

Part V - Options Considered but Not Recommended

Gross Receipts Tax
Employment Head Tax
Electrical Generation Tax
Local Taxing Options
Statewide Lodging Tax
Tax Provision of Other States

Part VI - Impact of Federal Tax Reform on Wyoming's Tax System

Part VII - Bibliography


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